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Rio+20: Report on Intergenerational Solidarity and Future Generations

Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,

We would like to congratulate you on your commitment and visionary leadership leading up to and during the Rio+20 Summit. Speaking on behalf of representatives of a number of the Major Groups, we would like to thank you for taking the time to formally m ... Read more >

Copacabana Blues? Personal reflections after Rio+20

Rio+20 was exactly what I predicted a long time before: Public opinion shifted to call it a “lost opportunity”. It did not find any responses to (not even properly deal with) the biggest global challenges, such as climate change, the continued loss of biological diversity and the increasi ... Read more >

What will young people do if Rio+20 fails?

What we would do if Rio+20 fails? Despite the negative pessimist nature of the question, Rio+20 will be a success in many ways. We will still be young people the morning after the summit; we will still care about the same issues that drove us to Rio de Janeiro; and if Rio+20 fails, we should use the ... Read more >

Representing the Interests of Future Generations - an idea whose time has come

With one of the two main themes discussed in Rio relating to governance, one could have been hopeful that mechanisms and principles are finally considered to ensure that our society can build on better decisions. Governance is one of those concepts that many people refer to but for which we never ... Read more >

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